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Adelaide Kane and Torrance Coombs at the People’s Choice Awards 2014

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A basic summary of point I think I’ve made many many times.


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Oh Oh! And check out Doc. McStuffins if you’ve got toddler/kid siblings, relatives, my niece LOVES it, it’s so cute and asdghjkl;


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The Afternoon Break...F*ck Winter WTF Humor Funny Afternoon break  funny afternoon break funny

this makes me want to happy cry.

u go old man!! u eat ur salad!!


What do you love most about your fans?


A compilation of my favourite ‘little stories’ from tumblr.

Part 1

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  1. I have a family member of some sort who was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese bombed it in WWII, he survived.
  2. My ancestors on both sides are German; I think my Grandfather actually figured out the little town in Germany that my dad’s side of the family immigrated from.
  3. My dad’s side of the family has been Roman Catholic for a couple hundred years.
  4. I think my mother told me one time that we are distantly related to Abraham Lincoln.
  5. I am married to Max Irons, but he doesn’t know it.

favorite jennifer lawrence hairstyles

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where can i buy that for free

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Holder: Unfair that Black School Kids Punished More than Whites


The Left so truly believes there are no differences among the various races other than in their outer appearances that they’ve become blind to what is so painfully obvious.

From AP:

The Obama administration is urging schools to abandon overly zealous discipline policies that civil rights advocates have long said lead to a school-to-prison pipeline that discriminates against minority students.

That they’ve “long said” this means they’ve long been blind.

The official disciplinary policies of schools do not discriminate. Are some teachers and principals discriminating? Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren’t. I’ll explain shortly why they should.

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